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Facharbeit (Schule) aus dem Jahr im Fachbereich Deutsch – Padagogik, Didaktik, Sprachwissenschaft, Note: , Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Aus der. Facharbeit (Schule) aus dem Jahr im Fachbereich Deutsch – Pädagogik, Didaktik, Sprachwissenschaft, Note: ,, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Aus der. Transcript of Vorstellung der Facharbeit. 1. Einleitung 2. Untersuchungsteil 3. Fazit 4. Literaturverzeichnis Inhalt Vorgehensweise Recherche.

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Anglicisms in German Newspapers 6. Anglicisms and their German equivalents 6. English is known to be the lingua francathe world language. Thus, we find English dominating certain domains, especially in computing cf.

The influence of the English language on German are undeniable. This is to say that anglicisms are, by now, present in everyday-language in the field of food Ketchup, Hotdogmusic Heavy Metal, Bluesfashion Look, Outfit or sports Training, Stretching cf. Most of the older studies focus on the synchronic aspects whereas newer studies also take a diachronic view into consideration cf. Furthermore, morphological and orthographic aspects play a role in addition of the frequency of use cf.

Nowadays, there are a lot of critical voices which reject the use of anglicisms because they fear a loss of German language heritage.

There are even some initiatives providing equivalents for every English word 1.

The Verein deutscher Sprache Association of the German Languagefor instance, emphasizes the importance of German equivalents 2. Thus, the question is whether it is possible to find equivalents for every anglicisms and if those equivalents are suitable. Fachareit, the question arises if anglicisms are on the rise to an extend where they may threaten the German language. In this term paper, I want to take a closer look on the use of anglicisms in the press in order to find faharbeit answer to these questions.

I also want to provide some samples from Stern and Bild and present my own results. Before that, a definition of the term anglicism will be given. Moreover, I want to take historical developments into consideration, including German reactions to certain changes. After sprsche, a classification of anglicisms will be provided in order to become aware of the different types.

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Furthermore, I want to present some linguistic changes connected to anglicisms. Lastly, I want to provide some considerations concerning the language of the press and present my own little study in this field before I come to my conclusion. If one looks it up in the Oxford English Dictionary the following definition is provided: Secondly, The Free Dictionary gives the following definition: Another definition I want to present is that of the Duden which reads: All in all, the different definitions I have listed here, agree in the main point: Furthermore, she says that the definitions are either based on form and meaning or on origin cf.

She then concludes that one can either take a diachronic i. An internationalism is a word that originates from Latin or Greek cf. At first, the history anglizjsmen anglicisms will be presented in chapter 3.


Also the Christianization of Germans by Englishmen in the eighth century contributed to the linguistic exchange facnarbeit. However, in the Late Middle Ages only a limited number of anglicisms were present in German cf. The contact between the two languages became more intensive in anglizismn 17th century when some political terms were adopted cf. The influence of English on German was connected to the interest in England after the revolution and the execution of Charles I.

The following de brought about the process of lexical borrowing which can be described by the following facuarbeit steps cf. The growing reputation of England influences the social life cf.

Britain had a leading role in the Industrial Revolution cf. The influence of the USA became even stronger. To sum up, one can say that the phenomenon of lexical borrowing is not new, but rather an old concept that can be traced back to the Anglo-Saxon conquest.

Since then, the exchange and influence of English on German has increased. This development is mainly related to political and social events in history. In chapter four, I want to provide a classification of anglicisms and I will also divide them into groups. Only in the 19th century was this resistance turned against English. With the founding of the Allgemeiner.

With the Nazi regime one would think that English influence was banned completely. In the s efforts towards a purism were made again cf.

Different associations were established, e. Thus, the central role of French was replaced in language teaching cf. After English was introduced as the first foreign language in Western Germany cf. The level of education is a crucial point when it comes to spelling and pronunciation which will be discussed later on.

However, this issue will not be discussed in this paper. It should be noted that there has been an adjustment in education since and that the former differences did not concern the spread of Anglicisms cf.

It should be noted that the distinction between foreign words and loan words is hard to make out cf. Therefor, the degree of integration is essential cf. The reasons for adopting loans are various cf.

In this chapter I want to present these different categories. There are different models for loans. One is provided by Haugen, who distinguishes between a complete importation, i.

Swimmingpoolb partial importation e. Examples would for this would be Computer, Team, Shake or Box cf.

Anglicisms in German | Masterarbeit, Hausarbeit, Bachelorarbeit veröffentlichen

Also the phenomenon of pseudo lexical borrowings can be found. Thus, only the English form is used while a new word is created cf. An example for such a neologism would be the German word Showmasterwho is a person presenting a show cf.

However, the word does not exist in English. That is to say that there the word quizmaster is found which certainly served as the inspiration for the German term cf. Another case is the existence of a word with a different meaning. The English word angliizismen, for instance, means somebody from the service staff at a hotel whereas the German word refers to a male prostitute cf. Also false borrowings play a role in this field, i. This especially occurs within advertising cf. Here the example of the German Anglozismen vs.


Yet another important linguistic issue within this topic is that of clipping. Clipping is also referred to facharbsit morphological lexical borrowing cf. Here the word undergoes a shortening after it has been integrated into the language.

Thus, the word Pullovertaken over from Spfache, became Pulli in German, the professional became Profi facharbet the happy ending became the Happy End in German cf. It should be noted that these short forms are not necessarily understood by native speakers of English cf. They are not always obvious because they are built with German word material cf. Firstly, the form is borrowed when a neologisms in German shall reproduce the English word as accurately as possible cf.

Examples for this are: Secondly, the meaning can be borrowed. When a word becomes independent regarding its meaning it is referred to as a pseudo borrowing. Thus, an anglicisms takes on a non-English meaning cf. Anglizismdn change of meaning will be discussed later on in detail. A special case of a pseudo loan is the example Dressman because it is one in two respects cf. The first part -dress equals -wear or outfit in English cf. Facahrbeit, it is a semantic borrowing cf.

The second part -man has its correspondence in words like Businessman or Gentelman cf.

Thus, it is a lexical borrowing cf. However, dressman is not existent in the English language. In general, a calque refers to a direct translation of a foreign word into the receptor language, i. Also the German phrase jemanden feuern is im direct translation of the English expression to fire s.

Wie sich die deutsche Sprache verändert – Lernplattform

Thus, it can be discussed whether calques are anglicisms or spradhe. Another type of loans are exoticisms. Exoticisms refer to things, phenomena, processes, job titles and other terms which do not exist in German-speaking areas cf.

Consequently, no denomination is available for those words and therefor, the terms from the country of origin are taken over cf. It should be noted that the distinction between exoticism and proper names is rather difficult. Therefor, it should be decided individually if it is the one or the other cf. Thereby, either the first part of the compound can be English e. Babyjahr and Jogging-Anzug or the second part e.

Fernsehshow and Geburtstagsparty cf. It should be noted that hybrids with and without hyphen exist. Thus, also different word classes can be combined cf.