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I am sending in my laptop for RMA. however the checklist is really throwing me off so do i check yes if i am sending my AC Adapter? or is that. To move forward with the RMA, an ASUS e-mail says “Must Include the RMA Checklist Form with your RMA return.” but fails to attach such a. Upload a PDF or design from scratch flyers, magazines, books and more. Author: ydavidson, Catalog: Asus RMA CheckList, Published: Oct

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ASUS Video Card RMA Experience and Turnaround Time in – Legit Reviews

Like HK, notebooks repairs must be taken to their branch repair centers. View this thread in our forums!

The replacement card arrived without the retail packaging, but ASUS did include the accessory bundle. Many thanks for comments. Please sign and send the form with the package otherwise, ASUS will not guarantee any lost or stolen components. Please be qsus that we will not save any data from your previous notebook.

RMA Submittal Form (USA or Canada Customers ONLY)

Note that Asus only accepts Visa or Mastercard. Possible reasons for not receiving an Instant RMA and will receive a case only: HujinnDec 30, at 8: Repair checklish was around 4 days and chevklist technicians did a good job replacing a motherboard. Since this was for a gaming system and not a mining system that seemed more than fair enough.

No, create an account now. A “void if removed” warranty sticker is also inspected and if technicians find the seal broken, this will also automatically void any existing manufacture warranty.


Our technicians will need this for testing purposes. Please make sure that the RMA number is written on the outer portion of the box, otherwise the package will not be accepted and returned back to you. For your reference,the RMA number is. If you have a login password for windows, please make sure to provide the password. You will receive a FedEx shipping label by email.

Important Information

The card was tested later that day and found to be in proper working order, so case closed. How to Find Model Name? Given the best case scenario where the Fremont, California facility has the part that needs replacing in stock, the usual repair time is business days. There is no way to predict when the out-of-stock part will become available again and your best option is to continue calling Asus every few days to check on the status.

Hope things will get better. Please follow these instructions when shipping your notebook to ASUS: You should have received the RMA instructions in a separate e-mail. Please be informed that this shipping privilege does not include shipping material. If we were to have declined to model change we are unsure how long it would have taken to get the Radeon RX fixed or replaced.

Share This Page Tweet. It will be kindly of you to provide awus credit card information to us in order to process your order rapidly. We will be more than happy to assist you. An ASUS service manager jumped on a call with us and explained our RMA was longer than normal due to the part shortage of the video card that we were trying to get repaired. Please note that it is your responsibility to ship the notebook to us in good condition.


Yes, my password is: If you are not the intended recipient or receive it accidentally, rmw immediately notify the sender by e-mail and delete the message and any attachments from your computer system, and destroy all hard copies. ASUS provides free shipping for our customers. Tim4May 31, The RMA instructions were rather lengthy and do not look like they have been updated in over a decade. Nice work David, helpful as usual.

Repairs have constantly came back with new problems. If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to let us know.

ASUS will carefully check the return of components and if there is any incorrect information you will be contacted. Many folks on the forum have noted a day time frame. Should be very handy for people not familiar with the process Since Asus does not have their own service centers in Kazakhstan, repairs are performed by Asus resellers such as Pulser and Alser.

The time it takes Asus Taiwan to ship the part to their overseas facilities can vary from 1 week to X months. ThaladarDec 26, at 3: Please take the serial from the physical ASUS product, as the original box may differ. We accepted the offer by responding to the e-mail within 2 hours of receiving it on August 11th.