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BCR1AM Lead-mount Triac 1 Ampere/ Volts Powerex, Inc., Hillis Street, Youngwood, Pennsylvania () Description: A triac is a solid. BCR1AM Type = Triac ;; Voltage = V ;; Current = 1A ;; Package = Obsolete Powerex, Inc., Details, datasheet, quote on part number: BCR1AM REJ03G Rev Nov 30, Page 1 of 4. BCR1AMA. Triac. Low Power Use. REJ03G Rev Nov 30, Features.

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Please contact a Renesas Electronics sales office if you have any questions regarding the information contained in this document or Renesas Electronics products, or if you have any other inquiries.

You are fully responsible for the incorporation of these circuits, software, and information in the design of your equipment. For TR, we will support individually if there is any request.

Also, please pay regular and careful attention to additional and different information to be disclosed by Renesas Electronics such as that disclosed through our website. When the ratio of the input to the output voltage approaches 1, the duration of high-side current UP flow is longer. Passivated sensitive gate triac in a SOT54 plastic package. I F AV More information. When exporting the products or technology described in this document, you should comply with the applicable export control laws and regulations and follow the procedures required by such laws and regulations.

Lynette Kelly 7 months ago Views: LC and LD series, etc. Wireless bonding and dual-face heat dispersion help to prevent increased RDS on-resistance due to higher junction temperatures. Digital Echo Digital Delay Description. Gate 5, 6,7, 8: Specify conditions similar to those of your application. Generation 6 Series E: Consequently, it is necessary to place more emphasis on characteristics such as gate capacitance than on on-resistance when selecting a MOSFET for the side with the shorter current flow duration.


When designing a synchronous rectification step-down DC-DC converter, the high-side and low-side MOS devices selected will differ according on considerations such as the operating conditions, the target efficiency, and the key load range.

Low-capacitance 10pF type is product group with guaranteed tolerance of 8kV. Represents the breakdown voltage. It is optimal to provide More information. Please contact a Renesas Electronics sales office for details as to environmental matters such as the environmental compatibility of each Renesas Electronics product.

Renesas Electronics does not assume any liability for infringement of patents, copyrights, or other intellectual property rights of third parties by or arising from the use of Renesas Electronics products or technical information described in this document. Drain Package Drawings 0. Built in Gate to Source protection diode drive voltage 2.

No protection diode between Gate and Source drive voltage 4, 4. It presents recommended pairs of high-side and low-side devices to match particular usage conditions and allows you to select MOS products and run efficiency simulations using them. A section of special suppoet. Represents the series name. Light sensors are one of the simplest More information.

Datasheet «BCR1AM»

No license, express, implied or otherwise, is granted hereby under any patents, copyrights or other intellectual property rights of Renesas Electronics or others. In the datasueet, partly due to economic reasons, mechanical relays were generally used in automotive applications requiring the ability to handle currents of several tens of amperes.

The quality grade of each Renesas Electronics product is “Standard” unless otherwise expressly specified in a Renesas Electronics data sheets or data books, etc.

Please use Renesas Electronics products in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations that regulate the inclusion or use of controlled substances, including without limitation, the EU RoHS Directive.

BCR1AM Powerex Lead-mount Triac 1 Ampere / Volts ChipFind Datasheet Archive |

Accelerated Development of Two Types of Systems Advantages for Customers Renesas Electronics develops intelligent power device products with an emphasis on two types of systems: R1 significant figures of resistance. Ciss pF Type No.


Triacs Silicon Bidirectional Thyristors. Products with bidirectional functionality as well as many voltage specifications and packages are available for a variety of applications, including reference power sources.

Typical Applications Power Requirement. You can change the parameters for parts appearing in blue type. Silicon Planar Zener Diode for Bidirectional Surge Absorption Features This product is for a two-way zener diode so its possible to use for bidirectional surge absorption.

You can also view waveforms, etc. Gate-represents the presence of protection datasheeet and voltage source drive. Indicate the of surge protection devices. Destination Thyristor and triac Part No. GHz Package Part No. Renesas Electronics has used reasonable care in preparing the information included in this document, but Renesas Electronics does not warrant that such information is error free.

These devices are often used to provide dtaasheet enable function.

Note 1 “Renesas Electronics” as used in this document means Renesas Electronics Corporation dstasheet also includes its majority-owned subsidiaries. On the results page you can switch to the information you need by clicking the corresponding tab. Environmental Technical e to j can be omitted. You should not use Renesas Electronics products or the technology described in this document for any purpose relating to military applications or use by the military, including but not limited to the development of weapons of mass destruction.

Symbol Current ratings 05 0. Serial number starting with 1. Total gate charge Qg nC 0.

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