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Section of bidegorri or cycle path between Gallarta – Playa de La Arena and the Vizcaya suspension bridge, historical town centre, Salazar Tower, Basilica of. Bidegorri – Cycle Lane. Trapaga Ortuella Joint Venture Orconera Cycle Path; Project Location: Trapaga Ortuella. Bizkaia; Project GPS Reference: View. Asfaltos Uribe, S.A.. Born from the continuation of Sabino Uribe Bilbao, who started business in in the field of Mastic Asphalt Paving, Public Works and.

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Urdaibai is a must for nature lovers coming to Bizkaia. It is a green treasure and a natural paradise, featuring fine-sand beaches, leafy wetlands and lots of amazing birds. Urdaibai — from Basque ur, water, and ibai, river, is the km2 natural area around the estuary of the river Oka.

Rivers, seas and mountains come together at Urdaibai to create an explosion of nature, giving rise to a unique environment. A show of nature that is too overwhelming to take in at first sight. Most people in the area are farmers. Moved by the love bidegirri the land, they work hard to protect their environment and make visitors feel welcomed.


But there are other residents in the area: Indian peafowls, herons, common pochards… They know they will find no better place than Urdaibai along their long migratory routes! There is room for art and history in Urdaibai as well. Urdaibai marks the coexistence of various ecosystems: The result is biodiversity: In Urdaibai you will find the greatest wetlands in Euskadi, in terms of both size and diversity.

Also, the area bidegorei a major stop for migratory birds. The wetlands play a key role in the Urdaibai ecosystem. It has been a Special Protection Area SPA for the conservation of wild birds sinceand it is a member of Naturathe network of protected sites across the EU.

From the wetlands in Gernika to the rocks that plunge into the Cantabrian Sea, there are lots of things to see in Urdaibai. So you had better plan your trip in advance, to make the most of your bizmaia to this amazing natural area.

Urdaibai is the perfect place for environmentalists and birdwatchers. Natural resources are used in efficient and sustainable ways, based on a socio-economic model that is aware of the environment. In Urdaibai you can do lots of outdoor activities: Seahawks, swallows, spotted flycatchers and storks are some of the birds you can spot in the vicinity of the Urdaibai Bird Videgorri.

In this wonderful place for birdwatchers, you will learn a lot of facts about the more than native and migratory bird species in the area. Located in Gautegiz-Arteaga, in the heart of Urdaibai, it also doubles as monitoring centre of the wetlands and research centre of the Aranzadi Science Society. The Urdaibai Bird Centre is becoming increasingly popular with visitors: From intheir number rose to 34, in From the wetlands to the sea.


From April to October, in the vicinity of the campsite in Laida they organise kayaking expeditions in the waters of Urdaibai. The whole tour about 8.

Urdaibai: The green lungs of Bizkaia – Urdaibai: The green lungs of Bizkaia – Turismo

You will paddle your way amidst the wetlands, past ancient mills and old shipyards, and spotting lots of different nizkaia along the way. It is an easy trip for all ages, and a perfect plan for families or groups of friends. There are lots of paths and trails to hike around in Urdaibai, cutting across holm oak forests, unfolding along the banks of the river Oka and Mundaka, or affording great views of the wonderful beaches and cliffs in the area. Urdaibai can easily be explored by bike. You can also bizkaua your way around, but it is a big area, so it is a lot to walk.

There are lots of mountain trails to be negotiated on two wheels. For a panoramic tour of the estuary, follow the bidegorri cycle path from Mundaka to Gernika and the quiet road from Gernika to Laida. Painted Forest of Oma. There is a magical place for you to discover in inland Urdaibai. Located in Kortezubi, Oma has become a major tourist attraction in hinterland Bizkaia.

The forest can be explored in a two-hour loop walk. It is a great family plan. Leave your car at the car park next to the cider house in Lezika. The first stretch, going uphill, is the toughest. Then go down the trail into the woods. Once you are in the forest, follow the information boards on the trees. They should be understood as a whole.

Bidegorri Stock Photos and Images | age fotostock

Seen from above, the trees make complex images. Moreover, visitors are part of the whole picture as a result of perspective.

When you finish the route, follow the panels leading to the Oma road, past the districts of Basondo and Elexalde, and back to the cider house. Inthey found cave paintings inside: Inthe cave was closed to the public. Now, you can only visit it on a guided tour cave entrance at 40m and site. Then you can go to the visitor centre, housed in a chapel, where they show a 60min 3D film recreating the interior of the cave. Most towns in the vicinity of Urdaibai are well-connected to Bilbao by road or rail.


Check Bizkaibus and Euskotren timetables online when planning your trip. Several Bizkaibus lines will take you to Urdaibai from Bilbao: There are four ways of getting to Urdaibai: There are plenty of bars and restaurants in Urdaibai where you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner. The largest town in the area is Gernika — a good place to try the typical dishes or buy the specialty foods the region is known for: Pintxos are good option too, as they are made with top-quality, fresh ingredients.

You can even go on a pintxo tour. If you are visiting Nabarniz, you should try the local beans. The most common types of accommodation in Urdaibai-Busturialdea are country hotels, lodges and campsites.

In the nearby towns you will find hotels as well, with room rates for all budgets. There are lots of things to see and do in Urdaibai, so plan your trip ahead if you do not want to miss a thing. You are going to love this slice of heaven on earth! Visiting Urdaibai-Busturialdea bizkaa long walks, so we suggest wearing comfortable footwear and drinking a lot of water.

In the summer, you should bring headwear, sunglasses and sunscreen, especially if you are planning to go kayaking. On Last Monday in Gernika Octoberthey hold a food market where you can buy all kinds of specialty products and fresh foods: Bridge marks year anniversary.

Old Port of Algorta: The green lungs of Bizkaia. Seaside of Bizkaia A kilometre coastline and lots of things to do.

Satellite map of Bidegorri in Bizkaia

Home Destinations Seaside Urdaibai: How to get there Most towns in the vicinity of Urdaibai are well-connected to Bilbao by road or rail. Bus Several Bizkaibus lines will take you to Urdaibai from Bilbao: Car There are four ways of getting to Urdaibai: Gastronomy Where to eat. Accommodation Where to sleep. You do not need to spend the night in Urdaibai, though. It is only 30 kilometres from Bilbao.

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