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PROLOGUE TO THE CATECHETICAL LECTURES OF OUR HOLY FATHER, CYRIL, ARCHBISHOP OF JERUSALEM. 1. ALREADY there is an odour of. The famous Catechetical Lectures of Cyril, archbishop of Jerusalem, are a series of 23 addresses St. Cyril gave in the fourth century to new believers preparing. The Catechetical Lectures of St. Cyril of Jerusalem [St. Cyril of Jerusalem, Paul A. Boer Sr.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. St. Cyril of.

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For blossoms now have appeared upon the trees; may the fruit also be found perfect! Thus far there has been an inscription of your names, and a call to service, and torches of the bridal train, and a longing for heavenly citizenship, and a good purpose, and hope attendant thereon. For he lieth not who said, that to them that love God all things work together for good. God is lavish in beneficence, yet He waits for each man’s genuine will: The honesty of purpose makes thee called: Even Simon Magus once came to the Laver: Now I mention the statements of men’s falls, that thou mayest not fall: Let none of you be found tempting His grace, lest any root of bitterness spring up and trouble you.

Let none of you enter saying, Let us see what the faithful are doing: Dost thou expect to see, and not expect to be seen? And thinkest thou, that whilst thou art searching out what is going on, God is not searching thy heart?

A certain man in the Gospels once pried into the marriage feasts, and took an unbecoming garment, and came in, sat down, and ate: But when he saw them all clad in white, he ought to have assumed a garment of the same kind himself: The bridegroom, however, though bountiful, was not undiscerning: In what a colour!

With what a conscience! What though the door- keeper forbade thee not, because of the bountifulness of the entertainer?

Shouldest thou not have retired in good season, that thou mightest enter in good season again? But now thou hast come in unseasonably, to be unseasonably cast out.

Cyril of Jerusalem

So he commands the servants, Bind his feet, which daringly intruded: Thou seest what happened to that man: For we, the ministers of Christ, have admitted every one, and occupying, as it were, the place of door-keepers we left the door open: Enter thou didst, and wast allowed: Tell me, dost thou behold this venerable constitution of the Church?

Dost thou view her order and discipline the reading of Scriptures, the presence of the ordained, the course of instruction? Be abashed at the place, and be taught by what thou seest. Go out opportunely now, and enter most opportunely to-morrow. If the fashion of thy soul is avarice, put on another fashion and come in. Put off thy former fashion, cloke it not up.

Put off, I pray thee, fornication and uncleanness, and put on the brightest robe of chastity. This charge I give thee, before Jesus the Bridegroom of souls come in and see their fashions. A long notice s is allowed thee; thou hast forty days for repentance: But if thou persist in an evil purpose, the speaker is blameless, but thou must not look for the grace: If any one is conscious of his wound, let him take the salve; if any has fallen, let him arise.

Let there be no Simon among you, no hypocrisy, no idle curiosity about the matter.


Possibly too thou art come on another pretext. It is possible that a man is wishing to pay court to a woman, and came hither on that account. The remark applies in like manner to women also in their turn. A slave also perhaps wishes to please his master, and a friend his friend. I accept this bait for the hook, and welcome thee, though thou camest with an evil purpose, yet as one to be saved by a good hope.

Perhaps thou knewest not whither thou wert coming, nor in what kind of net thou art taken.

The catechetical lectures of S. Cyril, Archbishop of Jerusalem

Thou art come within the Church’s nets: For thou hast heard the Apostle say, Dead indeed unto sin, but living unto righteousness. Die to thy sins, and live to righteousness, live from this very day.

See, I pray thee, how jerusalej a dignity Jesus bestows on thee.

Thou weft called a Catechumen, while the word echoed round thee from without; hearing of hope, and knowing it not; hearing mysteries, and not understanding them; hearing Scriptures, and not knowing their depth.

The echo is no longer around thee, but within thee; for the indwelling Spirit henceforth makes thy mind a house of God. When thou shalt have heard what is written concerning the mysteries, then wilt thou understand things which thou knewest not.

And think not that thou receivest a small thing: Paul saying, God is faithful. Hear another Scripture saying, God is faithful and just. Foreseeing this, the Psalmist, because men are to receive a title of God, spoke thus in the person lecures God: I said, Ye are Gods, and are all sons of the Most High.

But beware lest thou have the title of “faithful,” but the will of the faithless. Thou hast entered cyil a contest, toil on through the race: Were it thy wedding-day fyril thee, wouldest thou not have disregarded all else, and set catecheticap the preparation for the feast? And on the eve of consecrating thy soul to the heavenly Bridegroom, wilt thou not cease from carnal things, that thou mayest win spiritual? We may not receive Baptism twice or thrice; else it might be said, Though I have failed once, I shall set it right a second time: For God seeks nothing else from us, save a good purpose.

Say not, How are my sins blotted out? I tell thee, By willing, by believing. What can be shorter than this? But if, while thy lips declare thee willing, thy heart be silent, He knoweth the heart, who judgeth thee. Cease from this day from every evil deed. Let not thy tongue speak unseemly words, let thine eye abstain from sin, and from roving after things unprofitable.

Let thy feet hasten to the catechisings; receive with earnestness the exorcisms: Suppose thou hast gold unwrought and alloyed, mixed with various substances, copper, and tin, and iron, and lead: Even so without exorcisms the soul cannot be purified; and these exorcisms are divine, having been collected out of the divine Scriptures.

Thy face has been veiled, that thy mind may henceforward be free, lest the eye by roving make the heart rove also. But when thine eyes are veiled, thine ears are not hindered from receiving the means of salvation. For in like manner as those who are skilled in the goldsmith’s craft throw in their breath upon the fire through certain delicate instruments, and blowing up the gold which is hidden in the crucible stir the flame which surrounds it, and so find what they are seeking; even so when catechetival exorcists inspire terror by the Spirit of God, and set the soul, catecheticaal it off, on fire in the crucible of the body, the hostile demon tees away, and there abide salvation and the hope of catechetocal life, and the soul henceforth is cleansed from its sins and hath salvation.


Let us then, brethren, abide in hope, and surrender ourselves, and hope, in order that the God catexhetical all may see our purpose, and cleanse us from our sins, and impart catrchetical us good hopes of our estate, and grant us repentance that bringeth salvation.

God hath called, and His call is to thee. Attend closely to the catechisings, and though we should prolong our discourse, let not thy mind be wearied out. For thou art receiving armour against the adverse power, armour against heresies, against Jews, and Samaritans, and Gentiles.

Cyril of Jerusalem – Wikipedia

Thou hast many enemies; take to thee many darts, for thou hast many to hurl them at: And the armour is ready, and most ready the sword of the Spirit: Let me give thee this charge also. Study our teachings and keep them for ever. Think not that they are the ordinary homilies; for though they also are good and trustworthy, yet if we should neglect them to-day we may study them to-morrow.

But if the teaching concerning the layer of regeneration delivered in a consecutive course be neglected to-day, when shall it be made right? Suppose it is the season for planting trees: Suppose, pray, that the Catechising is a kind of building: But stone must follow stone by course, and corner match with corner, and by our smoothing off inequalities the building must thus rise evenly. In like manner we are bringing to thee stones, as it were, of knowledge.

Thou must hear concerning the living God, thou must hear of Judgment, must hear of Christ, and of the Resurrection. And many things there are to be discussed in succession, which though now dropped one by one are afterwards to be presented in harmonious connexion.

But unless thou fit them together in the one whole, and remember what is first, and what is second, the builder may build, but thou wilt find the building unsound. When, therefore, the Lecture is delivered, if a Catechumen ask thee what lectuers teachers have said, tell nothing to him that is without.

For we deliver to thee a mystery, and a hope of the jerusalm to come. Guard the mystery for Him who gives the reward. Let none ever say to thee, What harm to thee, if I also know it? So too the sick ask for wine; but if it be given at a wrong time it causes delirium, and two evils arise; the sick man dies, and the physician is blamed.

Thus is it also with the Catechumen, if he hear anything from the believer: But thou art now standing on the border: Thou vatechetical once thyself a Catechumen, and I described not what lay before thee. When by experience thou hast learned ctril high are the matters of our teaching, then thou wilt know that the Catechumens are not worthy to hear them. Ye who have been enrolled are become sons and daughters of one Mother.

When ye have come in before the hour of the exorcisms, let each one of you speak things tending to godliness: