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This unwieldy thriller from bestseller Morrell (First Blood) becomes so caught up in its headlong action that it never stops to explore the. Creepers is a horror novel by Canadian writer David Morrell. This is Morrell’s twenty-fourth novel. Plot summary[edit]. This section’s plot summary may be. Scavenger, it’s called, and the sought-after prize has been hidden away by a nutcase who sees unmistakable resemblances between himself.

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Completely different type of story, and way too pulpy and unbelievable to continue. There is a lot going on here, and you’re better off going in without knowing anything. Some thought morfell stuff, Fun reads. If you can accept the plot scavenge Morrell tosses at you without examining them too closely, the story is a fun read. Vinnie is injured in a shootout but Balenger and Amanda are able to help him to the roof.

Again I wish for a half star or 10 star system. Thanks for telling us about the problem. If you don’t know about geocaching or letterboxing, you will want to know everything about it after reading this one.

It was one of the worst scavejger I have ever read.

If anything, he was a real jerk. They usually have one or two character traits, a very interesting backstory that doesn’t actively affect them except where skills are concernedand are killed before their flatness becomes too obvious.

Nikki rated it did not like it Shelves: I really wanted to like this book.

Morrell writes as if he were the first to discover these concepts and trying to share with the reader what most people already know. Morgell by David Morrell.


I had it in audio so it could be on when I was doing other things, but it didn’t draw me in, it didn’t involve me. I didn’t think of it at all.


Balenger, the deeply troubled hero, is one of those characters you want to spend more time with, just to figure out what makes him tick, and without divulging any of the novel’s secrets the villain is full davif interesting surprises. Instead, it just looks like lazy writing.

With 40 hours to complete their mission and reach their goal, it is a question of will they survive the booby traps and wild snakes and dogs, and not do anything to bring the morerll of Game Master, the mysterious know-all and see-all person with video cameras and electronic equipment everywhere, down upon them.

The moreell of the game is to find a year old time capsule called the Sepulcher of World Desires at an old scwvenger mining town in Wyoming.

This section’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. This book had pretty good characters but it was okay. Believe me, the story begins before you even realize it, and it doesn’t let go. A lot of violence.

I got hungry, and still I didn’t stop. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. New readers will want to seek out his older work first. I’ll need to get to it soon. A newspaper article about lost time capsules inspired me to explore that topic. Sep 10, Lane rated it liked it Shelves: Amanda and Balenger bury an unconscious Vinnie, hoping scavnger hide him and possibly save him if Ronnie comes out to find them. Balenger is not one of the game players originally but he must figure out what is going on so he can try to get Amanda back.


The history of the Paragons owner, Morgan Carlisle, is told to the group by Moerell. I morrelp I’ll probably give this author a miss in future as his style is obviously not to my taste. The Jigsaw killer or whatever his name is in those movies was playing a game involving people who needed to pay for their bad actions.

I got hungr I thought I’d just settle into this book. Apr 13, Amy Webster-Bo rated it it was amazing.

Drugged, yes, conscripted, no, Frank awakens on the site of an abandoned hotel in Asbury Park, N. Comparisons in scavengef reviews have been made to the movie Saw, but I think if you want an example of the best execution of this particular plot, watch the movie CUBE.

Scavenger by David Morrell summary by Haley Schwab on Prezi

But sometimes the past is buried for a reason. They are able to get there davvid find Tod, who scaevnger the door they came in from is indeed welded.

There weren’t any dull moments. I know this book was not meant to be a comedy, but when events unfold so fast and play out so evenly and easily, what is one to do? Being manipulated based on past events the two of them are drawn to a location where they are drugged and separated.

Without the action this book would have been one boring story about buried time capsules.