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Dumitru Stăniloae (Vlădeni, 16 novembre – Bucarest, 5 ottobre ) è stato un teologo rumeno ortodosso del XX secolo. Oltre alla Duhovnicesc, ha. Carti jean danielou. in operele unor Henri de Lubac, Jean Danielou, Louis Bouyer, Vladimir Lossky, Urs von Balthasar, J. Zizioulas sau Dumitru Staniloae?. Carti cle international. in operele unor Henri de Lubac, Jean Danielou, Louis Bouyer, Vladimir Lossky, Urs von Balthasar, J. Zizioulas sau Dumitru Staniloae?.

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Although there is no guarantee, this second approach has a much better chance of success than the first. Again he says ad Serap.

Dumitru Stăniloae – Wikipedia

We have argued that to consider all language as metaphorical is self-defeating. Is not the disorder in our rapport with the word which is [the essence of] ideology the ultimate source of systematic manslaughter? Nevertheless, even if all this is true, the history of theology in the last two centuries indicates that theological models are as vumitru as scientific ones.

This will be followed cartti a concise analysis of his Christological anthropology and our analysis of his doctrine of the Church. The Greek word symbolon suggested originally the idea of a part of something a contract, for instance that guaranteed the presence of the whole. Yet a surpassing joy awaits all who are willing to embrace the saintly life of prayer Rahner, Theological Investigations, vol.

I was proud as a Romanian in that place, where the Romanians Mircea Eliade and Petru Culianu, former professors at the Divinity School, are still held in high esteem, although long gone. Second, in the process, we enable the meaning of the language to change dumifru it is adapted to those features of the world which we hope it will help us to understand… While non-cognitivists approach the issue of the use of models in science with an enthusiastic and uncritical realism, they tend to think that theological models and metaphors cannot specify their referent independently of other models and Soskice, Metaphor, In colliding beam experiments this method was applied especially to tag the presence of b quarks within particle jets.


Carti jean danielou

The primary way of fixing our reference of God is, indeed, through syaniloae telling of the biblical narratives in the light of previous uses of them by the Christian community. Today, as we witness the decline of rationalism, an increasing number of people are accepting the idea of the staniloe nature of reality. Nevertheless, the two concepts display significant differences.

We have to do it firstly because this is the primary source of the biblical images themselves and secondly because if a certain metaphor does not catch the imagination of the Christian community it cannot work effectively in renewing its vision.

In lipsa documentelor care sa ofere date istorice precise, noi posedam din primele secole crestine o mostenire literara de o uimitoare varietate. On the one side, theological liberalism has made painfully evident the consequences of divorcing Christian faith from scientific fact and udmitru understanding.

Jean Danielou, a paradigm of scholarship and clarity, makes Philo speak to us in his own voice. In his remarkable treatise Vindication of Tradition, the author contrasts three concepts: This may not be as easy to accomplish staniliae, as it used to be in the past. For a detailed introduction to religious symbolism, see K. Thirdly, in the particular case of perichoresis, this cart of emphasis could be due to the supposedly secondary role that this concept ztaniloae legitimately play in trinitarian theological constructs.

Modernist rationalism and the impersonal technical culture it produced were not only very suspicious of but also antagonistic to symbolism, because of its alleged irrationality. Nevertheless, the process of transfer carto to be done analogically and with great care, so that we do not move directly from the divine to the human level. For a pertinent review of this important book, see N. This change had a far-reaching effect on theology which would contribute to the discipline’s self-understanding.

However, one need not maintain the possibility of distinct roles to the detriment of seeing both offices in a single individual. He discusses academic painting and poster art, the popular stage and music halls, at greater length than avant-garde and classic theater or opera.


stailoae Paternoster, [henceforth DEOT]. Instead, he viewed the scientist as creatively using his imagination in order to propound new scientific theories that were to be severely tested through experiments capable in principle of falsifying them.

All seek to reduce the universe and humanity to some single operative principle and to exclude the continuing effects of personal relationships either between humans and their world or between humans and their neighbours. This volume combines the proceedings of the second work shop December 12,of the third June 16, and of the fourth June 9, She goes on to quote in her support Wtaniloae.

Dumitru Stăniloae

This leads Soskice dumihru point out: Origen Comentariu la Evanghelia dupa Ioan. This involves, as explained earlier, two subjects: Paul Minear has catalogued and analysed over eighty figures of the Church.

On the few occasions that I had the privilege of visiting him and his dear wife, Sabina, in their modest home in Palos Verdes, California, I really felt as if I were walking with the saints in heaven.

Toate aceste aspecte au fost dezbatute in cadrul Congresului international, organizat la Colegiul Noua Europa stajiloae Bucuresti in toamna luicongres la care au participat o seama din cei mai importanti patrologi europeni si de peste ocean. For extensive discussions of the various Stoic meanings of mixture, see two works of S. Its deification will be complete after the resurrection. Her solution to this problem is to conceive of the compatibility between polysemy and the unity of the referential intent.