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The following is an excerpt from “Enoch: A Bigfoot Story” by Autumn Williams. You can purchase it here. Mike was getting serious. He had gone. On one hand I appreciate Autumn Williams’ approach to the subject. In general, she comes across as calm, logical, and cool. I even had some. My wife got me this book for Christmas, and I devoured it in about six or seven hours during a very slow work day. And holy hell, it’s.

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If it is true, this is the most remarkable story I’ve ever read. I have read a lot of books about things “paranormal” and generally recognize two types.

A being that is so much superior in physicality, masters of their environment, a true apex predator willliams is close to or more intelligent than humans would clearly act in the manner in which they are described. Along comes this witness who she calls Mike.

The Best Video Evidence

I would recommend this book to the believer or not. Also his anecdotes impress me as consistent with what I’ve read about the sasquatch that strikes me as believable. That would be sweet! I would love to hear more williamms Mike, but don’t expect it. Why Bigfoot is unlikely, only if you know what unlikely means.


Unless they are magickal beings, their habitat needs protection because it is rapidly being used up.

Enoch: A Bigfoot Story by Autumn Williams – Ray Foy’s Literary Journey

In Native cultures, the Hairy One may be scary monsters used to keep children in camp but they may, just as easily, be seen as guardians of the woods. Feb 22, Kcastro rated it really liked it Shelves: Menu Skip to content Home About Contact.

I read this before Enoch and am glad I did. But Williams persists in her relationship with Mike and succeeds in drawing out more and more information about his encounters. The cover picture also matches what I saw so closely that it is uncanny.

Enoch: A Bigfoot Story

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: There was a nigfoot filtering reviews right now. He is obviously a deeply damaged individual. I wish her well as I do Mike Chris Lindsay August 25th, at 3: Notify me of new comments via email. He is the friend of a wild man At least hard to fake for a non-commercial author.

I haven’t read that one actually. I truly loved this book. In this process, she describes herself as evolving from a “researcher” to a “witness.

A Bigfoot Story and I think the two compare favorably. I can feel things inside myself just looking into them. I have never read much of the bigfoot literature but I autum that stories of “long term” witnesses who “habituate” with the creatures are not unknown, though not as widely related as “road crossings” and film clips.


Enoch: A Bigfoot Story by Autumn Williams

The show was sensationalized and not serious. Fantastic true story This story had my attention right from the start of the book. Williams’ approach – which one might call the Way of the Witness – is a refreshing change after tomes and tomes of ‘serious researchers’ trying to ‘prove’ the existence of this creature or hacks trying to convince us of their POV bigfoog regard to Sasquatch. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. What would we learn about these creatures, if we stopped pursuing them And as far as I am aware, Williams is no longer an active researcher, or if she is, she is no longer in the public eye.

I suppose the strongest thing I can say about it is that it rings true. Please keep all discussion civil.