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Jensen featured (again) in Event DV Magazine. A few of the answers can be found in his recent Event DV Magazine article entitled ” Cash Cows in a. EventDV magazine – For those of you that are more of an event videographer this magazine is a must! I’ve only read a couple issues but have gotten a lot of. In my tens years of running my own business, I’ve never seen a magazine quite like EventDV. One that felt more like a family rather than a.

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One that felt more like a family rather than a corporate entity. One whose dedication to its readers and industry was as passionate.

One whose editor, Stephen Nathans-Kelly, got so involved in knowing and understanding not only the industry itself, but the people in the industry.

So it is with a sad heart that I write this blog post. The video below from Stephen does the best job in saying what should be dventdv.

event dv magazine | Life Stage Films

All I can add is this: Thank you for caring. Thank you for seeing in me the potential to be a magazine contributor. Thank you for seeing in evengdv and my wife the potential to write a book. Thank you for all your support, trust, loyalty, and most of all, your friendship.


EventDV Magazine

I for one will be mayazine forward to the next big thing you do. That farewell video was amazing…. Wow, that is very sad. As a person knitting together a video business and finding his way around EventDV was a key thing for me, it was very inspiring and insightful.

I agree that have done amazing things for the video world and they will be missed, the campsite is definitely in a better condition. Regardless of the details it is unfortunate. I know Laura loved her years as a columnist and will forever cherish it.

EventDV – A Fond Farewell | Dare Dreamer Magazine

He quoted Bob Dylan in his good-bye. Ron, I think you summed-up many of my own thoughts about the magazine that was more that just another trade journal. Steve approached me the year after he approached you at the same convention and I have enjoyed my time evendv for the EventDV community and working alongside some of the brightest minds and most exciting personalities as a columnist and then contributing editor.

EventDV is part of my identity — the same way my own video production evetndv is and the same way my local video association, the BCPVA is. So losing this part of my public persona is as much of a milestone as when, 5 years ago, I started writing for the magazine.


I guess on the bright side, this change will give me more time to contribute to daredreamermag.

Happy trails Steve and best of luck in your new ventures. Hope Stephan is moving on to bigger and better things.

Magazne of the great thrills of the last years has been the opportunity to work with you and Tasra, both on EventDV and ReFocus. Your energy and ambition have always been inspiring to me. Best regards to all, Steve. Posted on December 1, December 1, by Ron Dawson.

Editor of the Frame. Creative Director at Dare Dreamer Media. Producer and host of Radio Film School. I like to call it “This American Life” for filmmakers.