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Fallcrest stands amid the Moon Hills at the falls of the Nentir River. Here travelers and traders using the old King’s Road that runs north and. Map of Fallcrest. Map Key: Tower of Waiting; Upper Quays; Five-Arch Bridge; Silver Unicorn Inn; Knight’s Gate; Nentir Inn; Halfmoon Trading House; Moonstone. Nentir Vale High Resolution Players Map. This is a high resolution map of the Nentir Vale, the setting for our Knights of Fallcrest D&D campaign.

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Fallcrest | The Nentir Vale Chronicles | Obsidian Portal

This is the largest of those establishments. Thurmina is a gruff woman who has been known to turn a blind eye to odd cargo moving over the bridge when the price is right. Kap In Don’t have an account? Largest and most influential temple in town.

Fallcrest | Journey Through Nerath Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The surrounding ridges shelter several small valleys where farmers and woodsfolk live; few are more than six or seven miles from the town. I really should keep track of things like that. Often a good source of local rumors and gossip. However, he is eager for news of other towns in the Vale and farther lands as well and never turns away someone who brings him news or waits to see him. I’m coming off an extended vacation, but have been thinking a bit about Hammerfast.

Five Fallcrest guards under the command of Sergeant Thurmina watch this post. The Halfmoon family is a large, far-flung clan of halflings who keep small trading posts in several settlements throughout the Nentir Vale. The owner is a nervous, easily flustered fellow of fifty or so named Par Winnomer.

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Faren Markelhay is a balding, middle-aged human with a keen mind and a dry wit. The seat of Lord Warden Faren Markelhay, Moonstone Keep is an old castle that sits atop a steep-sided hill overlooking the town. A ‘secret’ cave that’s pretty much up where everyone can see it?

Recently, a zealous dwarf priest of Pelor named Grundelmar came to Fallcrest from Hammerfast and fllcrest this old temple. They were then told that unless they returned the sceptre to the Winter King, the winter would become endless and the attacks from the undead would continue. Giants, minotaurs, orcs, ogres, and goblins plagued the area. High Priest Dirina Mornbrow oversees two lesser priests and several acolytes—townsfolk who spend part of their day tending the temple.

Merchants from Winterhaven or Hammerfast make up the clientele, along with travelers who happen to be passing through. It convinced me to use Fallcrest in my campaign, simply because of this drawing!

When they returned victorious, Fallcrest was in the middle of a severe snowstorm. The owner of the Lucky Gnome is a character named Kelson. Not only in the Nentir Vale I’d love to see you branch out into something like Thunder Rift toobut also your Call of Cthulhu stuff was truly amazing. Tower of Waiting — An old fort built on a small fallcreest in the Nantir River to guard the city from any waterborne attacks from the north.

Retrieved from ” http: Please come back and start blogging again! He is very friendly and is always dispensing a never-ending stream of advice. The human noble Faren Markelhay is the Lord Warden hereditary lord of the town.


The old castle cemetery lies inside.

I do love dallcrest perspective and the call out of darker tone detail for the key adventuring spots. He is a busy man and sees to local matters personally.

Fallcrest (Map)

It also trades with the nearby town of Winterhaven. Nentir Falls — Here the Nentir River descends roughly feet in three striking shelflike drops. While not an exact recreation, I followed the Fallcrest map pretty closely. The surrounding ridges shelter several small valleys where farmers and woodsfolk live; few are more than six or seven miles from the town.

Wednesday, July 1, Fallcrest Map. The Nentir Inn also boasts a lively taproom, which is popular with the folk who live in the vales on the west bank of the river.

In the event of a serious threat, people retreat up to Hightown—the bluff and the town walls completely ring this fqllcrest of Fallcrest, making it highly defensible. Sandercot Provisioners — Largest general store in Fallcrest. Nentir Inn — A fine new building constructed of fieldstone and timber. Fallcrest is divided into two districts by a steep bluff that cuts across the town. I mean, look at Manhattan. The party had found that a temporary camp had been set up, in which a riotous crowd stood before the Lord Warden.

Teeming with enough details to inspire players to point on it and say, ‘I want to go there. I did the roughs on three pieces of legal paper, taped together, then scanned. Halfmoon Trading House ; Sandercot Provisioners.