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The Fender 25W Frontman 25R Guitar Combo has dual selectable channels” Normal and Drive”auxiliary input for CD or drum machine use, a headphone jack . The Frontman 25R ups the ante in practice amps with 25 watts and a 10″ speaker . Overall this amp is louder than the average practice amp but it still retains the. See reviews and prices for the Fender Frontman 25R, as used by Steve Lacy, joaquin aguiar and others.

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I just wanted a stripped down amp with great sound. This is a great value especially for carrying the Fender name. See each listing for international shipping options and costs.

Fender Frontman 25R

Very nice design, and nice looking. The only small drawback I mentioned is the cord connection, but I doubt this is an issue on all the models. At the moment I fronfman think about the thing which I dont like about this super unit. This Fender, by contrast, has reverb, and two channels. But the only faint distraction is the noise when the drive channel is high. I use it with a Squire and it makes the guitar sound much better, especially for playing heavier stuff. Baffle and 10″ – 8 Ohm speaker out of a new fender frontman frontmna red amplifier who’s cabinet was cracked beyond repair.

If you’re someone who prefers the gain and distortion and enjoys having something small to carry around easier this amp is the way to go.


The main feature is the true Fender reverb and the push button distortion. These amps though very inexpensive and not built very well have a huge market for many beginner guitarists or musicians that need a simple amp for practice usage.

Frontman 25R Review | Fender | Guitar Amplifiers | Reviews @

You can look for new or barely used Fender Frontman 25R guitar amplifiers and get more for less. Very clean, but too many effects will distort the signal heavily, which would not make it an ideal amp for gigs that require a more specialised sound.

As a beginner amp, it does its job. Probably not great for a gig. I also like the fact that it did not have built in effects because I already own a multi-effects pedal from Digitech. If Fender the kings of clean tone didn’t make it sound good on the clean then thy would have a big problem.

For the most part I don’t even use my effects pedal through the amp because I like the sound quality it provides by itself.

It delivers exactly what I expected. For a combo amp, this little guy deserves a big credit.

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crontman The control knobs and inputs are very nice as well. Plus, Fender Frontman frontmab guitar amplifiers can be snapped up from top-rated eBay sellers, so you can rest assured in your final decision. It has great overall tone and the drive channel works well for most types of rock or electric blues. It doesn’t have that many control knobs to get in the way so it is not a hard amp to get used to The thing has two channels and in my opinion it should have some amp modeling or something else to go along with this thing.


This is NOT a generic size case. I don’t want to hear this thing and I don’t want to look at it. I bought this amp recently on CraigsList, after buying our son a new Frpntman Frontman 25R several years ago.

The construction is light weight and extremely portable. I bought this amp to complement a MIM limited run Strat with direct mount pickups. The gain has a bit more noise than I would have liked fronhman is only noticeable when playing some very quiet Jazz stuff. With some tweaking the clean channel has great sound as well.

It is everything good I expected and more in most areas. Unit has been tested working and is guaranteed fully functional.

User reviews: Fender FM 25R – Audiofanzine

To me frontan clean are fantastic but the dirty channel is really thin brittle and everything a solid state amp sounds like. This review was originally published on http: Great amp for practice.

The only small probly I have noticed is where the cord connects to the back of the unit. If you want portable and powerful you’ll find it in this amp. And that is the biggest factor in buying and amp