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Tarsoly Emil – Funkcionális Anatómia Pszichológushallgatók Számára (2) – Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. anat fogalmak keringés cor szív bazis alapi rész epicardium szívburok (külső réteg) myocardium szívizomzat septum cordis szívsövény atrium pitvar vena cava . Funkcionális Anatómia is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Funkcionális Anatómia and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to.

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Bones, joints and muscles, including embryology, are described in chapter four. The anatomical demonstration is followed by the description of the microscopic structure of the organs. Instead of systemic description as organs of the alimentary tract, respiratory organs, organs of urinary tract, etc.

The chapters are illustrated with light- and electron microscope level illustrations of histological preparations and with numerous schematic diagrams. Organs of the head, the neck, those of the thoracic and abdominal cavities, pelvic and perineal organs follow each aanatomia in chapter six.


Anatomy text books in Hungarian have been written by eminent Hungarian anatomists since the final decades of the 19 th anatoia. The organs of the central and peripheral nervous systems are designated in chapter seven. The final, the eighth chapter contains the organs of special senses, as olfaction, vision, hearing and equilibrium.

20068459 Dr Torok Bela Funkcionalis Anatomia

Each sub-chapter starts with embryology, based on the basic embryology, presented in the first chapter of the book. The substantial and continuously growing number of foreign students in the English language programs of the Hungarian Medical Schools prompted the initiative to provide an English language text-book reflecting the local traditions in Anatomy courses.

His book started with the chapter of basic embryology and as second chapter, was followed by basic histology. The topics of the first two chapters remained fubkcionalis, they provide the basic elements of embryology the events of the first 8 weeks and of histology fine structure of the epithelial- connective- muscle- and nerve tissues. The presentation of the anatomy and embryology of the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems in chapter five begins with the heart and concludes with the distribution of the lymph vessels.


The third chapter gives a short description of man in general. The parallel and interrelated development of organs with close topographical relations nevertheless of different visceral systems — e.

Dr Torok Bela Funkcionalis Anatomia – [PDF Document]

The three-volume Anatomy text-book of Michael v. However, anatomy, histology and embryology were combined in the classical chapters of anatomy textbooks, with chapter titles such as Bones, joints and muscles, Cardiovascular system, Splanchnology, Nervous system, Organs of funkcionnalis senses.

Functional Anatomy Anatomy, histology and embryology for medical and dental students M.