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: Il ciclo degli eredi di Shannara: Gli eredi di Shannara-Il druido di Shannara-La regina degli elfi di Shannara-I talismani di Shannara. (Coll Ohmsford ne Gli Eredi di Shannara). Gli Ohmsford sono la famiglia immaginaria protagonista del ciclo fantasy Shannara, creata. La regina degli Elfi di Shannara (il titolo originale inglese è The Elf Queen of Shannara) è il con l’intera Arborlon nelle Terre dell’Ovest e usandone la magia quale legittima erede, nipote della Regina degli Elfi e futura Regina anch’ella.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This is the book that started it all for me, the one that got me reading, that got me into fantasy, and introduced me to a lifelong fansession with Terry Brooks. Par has the power of the wishsong and is ordered to seek out the legendary Sword of Shannars.

Well, to find the eresi about magic and saving the world. I only wish the book spent a little more time exploring Mole’s character.

La regina degli Elfi di Shannara – Wikipedia

La Canzone di Shannara. Oct 13, Jamie rated it liked it. Il romanzo, come i successivi, segue le vicende degli Eredi di Shannara: Jul 23, John Taylor rated it it was amazing. Their very presence is causing the Four Lands to sicken and die. Three-hundred years after his death, the druid Allanon is at it again, calling upon the descendants of the Elven house of Shannara to stamp out evil threatening the Four Lands.

In short, they erredi characters that one can relate to. Brooks’s irritating initial quirks have ironed themselves out. It was interesting to see what Brooks had done with the world and the battle sequences were top notch. As the first book, The Scions of Shannaraopens, the world is a radically different place from the world that Brin and Jair Ohmsford inhabited at the end of The Wishsong of Shannara.


Par and his brother, plus Morgan Leah, meet up with the outlaw, Padishar Creel, who thinks he knows where the Sword is hidden. Hey just because that’s how this whole series started don’t knock it. Anni fa lessi la prima trilogia e non mi mi piacque: Anyway, did you get that?

La regina degli Elfi di Shannara

The reader also crosses paths with Padishar Creel, the great, great. I am excited to find out what happens next. Da Wikipedia, l’enciclopedia libera. They are fast paced when they need to be – it’s nice to have a lot of action!

I really love how he continually brings up events from the last 3 books in a non invasive manner that flows well with the story and also at the same time serves as a reminder of the times in the past.

Each is reluctant to do so, but each is drawn to their quest. Once the divisions were established I had a bit of trouble following the new story line as it unfurled in three subplots.

The Scions of Shannara

Brooks is repeating himself, conveniently giving himself a main protagonist who is a bard of sorts and keeps his family’s heritage alive by telling stories of the events of the original Shannara trilogy, amplified by the wishsong he is constantly recalling information from his stories for the benefit of newcomers to the world of Shannara. Aug 13, Anita rated it did hli like it. They journey through an oppressed land, where magic is outlawed and snannara non-humans are subjected under a totalitarian rule, all the while beings called shades propagate and seek to take over the land.

One thing I loved, and I hope this isn’t giving to much away, is the introduction of the character Mole.

This was an awesome story, written as well as any other Terry Brooks book I’ve read. But if you let yourself get lost in the story, it can be quite enjoyable – so much so, that I feel motivated enough to read the second book again, Walker Boh be damned! Rimmer Dall, il Primo Cercatore della Federazione, cerca di arrestare Par e Coll alla taverna Blue Wiskhes, dove lavoravano per conto del padrone della locanda. Paperbackpages. However, after about pages I began to see just how well the author as bringing everything together and I began to really enjoy the ba Following the typical fantasy formula a group of friends and strangers pull together to complete a campaign, but once the initial goal is reached a trinity of campaigns is introduced that divides what was a typical, singular campaign party.


Recording value -1 star. This books continues in the manner that made the previous trilogy great. Oct 14, Martti rated it did not like it. I think I would have been fine just to read the couple of last chapters and be done with it. Another fantastic book in the series. Lo stesso argomento in dettaglio: I recommend it to any Brooks or epic fantasy fan.

They will face many dangers including the Shadowmen as they approach the meeting. At some points it really felt like a slog reading this. I fratelli fuggono a Leah, l’antico regno delle montagne ormai protettorato della Federazione, dove sono aiutati da Morgan Leah, loro vecchio amico, sempre pronto a mettere i bastoni tra le ruote di Federazione e Cercatori. Other books in the series. Dec 02, NathanDoussot rated it it was ok. I appreciated this aspect. It was quite a departure from the pattern of the previous stories, and, if the first book is any indication, this seems to have worked zhannara well for Brooks.

Lists with This Book. Wishsong wasn’t my favorite Brooks book, so I wasn’t sure how much I would like this one.

All’inizio de Gli Eredi di Shannara viene detto come vengano presi prigionieri dalla Federazione, in caccia dei loro figli, e posti agli arresti domiciliari nella loro casa a Valle d’Ombra.