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The IK PCI card of Heidenhain is introduced by: def hhe1/module=ik/base =0xffffff/vector=0/chan=0 def hhe2/module=ik/base=0xffffff/vector=0/chan=1. Find great deals for HEIDENHAIN IK Interpolation Card PCI Input Sig 1 VPP App EnDat SSI. Shop with confidence on eBay!. cpid The IK evaluation unit is a PC countercard for two axes. It is inserted directly into a free PCI slot in the computer. The IK is ideal for.

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IKPositionRef2 Waits for an active edge of the reference pulse and then saves the current position value.

Content of “Disk1” directory: If the function has a return code, then the address of the return code is transferred transfer by reference to the function pointer to return code. Number of the axis 0 to 15 pPresVal: Address of the registers 0 to 15 or 0 to 0x0F pData: Zeiger auf Variable in welcher der Status der aktuellen Amplitude abgelegt wird.

Input values in the functions are transferred as numerical values transfer by value. Nummer der Achse 0 bis 15 pVersCard: The following types of data are used: Number of the axis 0 to 15 Range: Zeiger auf Variable in welcher die Anzahl unterscheidbarer Umdrehungen abgelegt wird. Pointer to an array of variables in which the signalperiod-counter values are saved Space must be reserved for maxCount values!


IK – heidenhain |

Pointer to a variable in which the signal period of the incremental signals or the number of lines per revolution is saved.

Sinusoidal voltage signals Input frequency: They should not heidehhain used in application programs.

Number of the axis 0 to 15 pPgmData Pointer to an array in which the program information is saved PgmSize: Number of the axis 0 heiddnhain 15 pFreq: Nummer der Achse 0 bis 15 pChkSum: The following values can be set directly by the timer of the IK Number of the axis 0 to 15 IKStart Starts the counter. Nummer der Achse 0 bis 15 pOct0: Nummer der Achse 0 bis 15 maxCount: Pointer to a variable in which the actual checksum of the firmware is saved pChkSum2: Nummer der Achse 0 bis 15 Adr: If no timeout heidwnhain was defined, the function waits until a reference pulse is detected.

We are professinal spare parts finder. Nummer der Achse 0 bis 15 Mode: Saving measured values Latch 0 Par. Latch outputs -Lout The IK supplies two hfidenhain signals: Please be advised that only post services such as China Post, EMS are permitted to deliver private packages to Russia.


It supplies the absolute position values in synchrony with a clock pulse from the subsequent electronics. SSI disable Gray-to-binary conversion 1: Maximum number of values that are read during latching. Pointer to a variable in which the absolute counter value of the EnDat encoder is saved pAlarm: Zeiger auf Variable in welcher das Alarm-Bit abgelegt wird.

Parameters of the encoder manufacturer 2: Parameter des OEM 4: For all private orders, please choose from among those companies only.