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The Plains of Passage has ratings and reviews. The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel The Valley of Horses by Jean M. Auel The Mammoth . Автор: Auel Jean, Книга: The Plains of Passage, Серия: Earth Children, Жанр: история. The Plains of Passage. Edit · Classic editor · History · Talk (0) .. References Edit. ↑ Map of The Ukraine from the book ‘The Mammoth Hunters’ by Jean Auel.

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This section of the book could easily be cut right out and you wouldn’t miss anything for it. It was time to leave this watery vein of life-supporting liquid meandering slowly toward the south and angle westward across country.

She had waited long enough. I’ve been meaning to do this write-up since I finished the book over two weeks agobut kept putting it off. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Not the faintest hint of a silhouette or darker shadow could be discerned against the surrounding background, except for a faint jewn from the lingering coals in the fireplace, and the blazing epiphany of stars.

But a baby doesn’t start every time Pleasures are shared. While happy to be with Ayla, he is homesick for his own people and convinces Ayla to come with him. The conical tent had rounded sides and an opening at the top to passaye smoke out if they needed to make a fire inside, though they seldom did, and an extra flap sewn on the inside with which to close the smoke hole against the weather, if they wished.

Dec 28, Christen rated it liked it Shelves: I confess to getting very curious over whether any of these medicenes and foods would really work and taste good. They stayed in S’Armuna’s lodge, where they learned more about Attaroa and her past. It is not meant for me to see Durc.


What will happen if we don’t reach it by then? She looked at Jondalar, at his exceptionally tall, muscular body, at his long, straight, yellow hair tied back with a thong at the nape of his neck, at his fine, well-made features.

Then he submerged his head and came up with a mouthful of dripping duckweed and water bistort.

The Plains of Passage

Ayla noticed he was putting a light spear and his spear-thrower back in his pack basket. Review “Pure entertainment at its sublime, wholly exhilarating, best The girl can learn languages almost immediately, control horses and wolves, she practically invented fire, sewing needles, is a master at her weapons of choice- the sling, she ca Okay, good. I feel like I’ve read the same thing through four books, where it almost seems that two pages of “sexy” passages are lifted from one book and plunked down into the next.

In some ways, this book is actually an improvement over the in my opinion dismal “Mammoth Hunters”. Because with as much research as Ms Auel does for her books, she can’t remember that she’s mentioned the stupid onagers at least five times already, including the time that Ayla hunted them because she wuel kill horses anymore?

As usual, he had lifted his leg in the bushes. As I said, you could go for pages withouth anything significant happened, and then when something did, It was just Finally they calmed down and began wandering away to jeam.


Some will be intrigued by Ayla and Jondalar, with their many innovative skills, including the taming of wild horses and a wolf; others will avoid them, threatened by what they cannot understand; and some will threaten them. These well ordered societies with matriarchal structures were beautiful to contemplate, but we all know things do not always go perfectly.

That and between book 2 and this book, the sex scenes were coming on so hard and fast that you plsins the feeling it was because she couldn’t think of anything better to write. Please try again later.

That’s because the book essentially opens with an extremely graphic mammoth sex scene. Auel returns us to the earliest days of humankind View all 13 comments. As a result of the rapes, Madenia no longer wanted to plainw anything to do with men. She reached his side as he stopped, and they both parted the last tall stalks to see.


Book: The Plains of Passage

The best parts are when they interact with other bands of people along the way. I’m sure they’re fine. She picked up the bone and spread some of the mixture she had been making on Wolf’s prize. Maybe spirits are necessary, too. The Clan were my people. She was already cutting through the skin passqge from the stomach to the flank before Jondalar really grasped all that she had said. It’s still not too late. I wanted you to come with me, but I didn’t want you to tell people about yourself.

While living alone in her valley, she had made a discovery. Now, in The Plains of Passage, Ayla’s story continues. It was needed to relate to the next book, to be ready to settle into a hearth.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Together they learn that the plaibs and unknown world can be difficult and treacherous, but breathtakingly beautiful and enlightening as well. Dec 04, Katie rated it really liked it.

With one last splash, Ayla bounded out of the water, grabbed the soft hide, and began to dry herself. Some people will stand by you, sometimes those you least expect to, and some people have enough compassion to love and raise a child whom others call abomination.

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