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Kahler tremolo? I’m curious about kahlers I’ve never tried one but have heard different things about them and what I’m getting at is are they. Kahler. Replacement parts for Kahler tremolo and bridge systems. Read more.

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Kahler Tremolo System

The B C Rich serial numbers issued or assigned to guitars made by B C Rich in this late ‘s into the 80’s era; were way ahead of- by at least 3 or 4 years to the actual manufac Thanks for looking and pl Factory Tremolo arm is included. Views Read Edit View history. This one has the finer thread pitch of 40 instead of It will take you longer to figure out the problem, and then fix it, than it will for them to fix it completely.

They’d remove the bridge, cut some wood to fit the shape of the cavities that remain, glue them in place, do some sanding and filling of any gaps, then shoot matching paint over it all.

Dave Storey went on to invent, patent, and manufacture his line of Dava guitar picks. Kahler also produces a bass tremolo system. Browse Related Browse Related.


Kahler Tremolo: Guitar | eBay

Uses a Fender threaded arm but not i The “Steeler” tremolo was licensed to Kahler by Floyd Rose during the lates. This page was last updated: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. The and the former having steel rollers; the latter brasswere designed as an alternative to the stock Fender tremolo system, and were offered on several Fenders during the s. Sign up using Facebook.

Kahler tremolo bridge problems – how to test and fix? Is there a way I can test the guitar to see if the tremolo bridge is indeed contributing to the problem? Our staff is fluent in English.

July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Stainless steel models were introduced in There are some steps that you can take to see tremooo you can do a quick fix yourself.

Original Kahler bridge. The locking blocks are the easiest part of a tremolo to lose or break.

There are no functional issues with it at all. Up for sale is a 80’s Carvin stamped Kahler Steeler tremlo in black.

Gary Kahler shifted his business model to making Golf clubs in the s mostly due to lower popularity of tremolo usebut went back to bridge manufacturing as of April The neck is very nice and in good shape.

We would like to help. Post as trsmolo guest Name. Includes all mounting hardware.


Kahler Tremolo System – Wikipedia

This page was last edited on 13 Kahlsrat Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. I’d recommend taking it to a guitar tech and letting them take care of it. Tuning problems can occur when friction occurs between the strings and the nut. Is it possible to replace this entirely with a non-tremolo bridge?

Kahler Tremolo

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The major flaw of this guitar is the tremolo system, which is either blocked most likely or nonfunct I’m not familiar with that tremolo, but, if it’s anything like a Fender, where there is a block that extends through the body, you can often take a wedge of wood and push it behind the tremolo block from the backside of the guitar, locking it into place.

No stripped threads or stuck rollers.

Aluminium cams were announced in and released in I have other replacement parts listed. It stays in tune nicely, single note bends act like they should, and sustain is as good as the guitar can do.