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Genealogy for Christian Anton Philipp Knorr von Rosenroth ( – ) family tree on Geni, with over million profiles of ancestors and. Christian Knorr von Rosenroth was a Christian Hebraist. After having completed his studies in the universities of Wittenberg and Leipzig. The text of these works has been annotated by Knorr von Rosenroth (the author of the “Qabalah Denudata,”) from the Mantuan, Cremonensian, and.

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Scorpio, as a good emblem, being symbolized by the eagle, as an evil emblem by the scorpion, and as of a mixed nature by the snake.

But here in this progermination of the earth it is not perfect, because IHI, Yehi let there beis not written. With regard to the author and origin of the Qabalah, I cannot do better than give the following extract from Dr. But if two letters are put, then are understood the ten units twice reckoned; hence are produced the hundred and twenty years. He is therefore called the supernal V, Vau Daath or knowledge, and the inferior V, Vau that is, the external Microprosopus.

Therefore, as the outward form of man corresponds to the Tetragrammaton, so does the animating soul correspond to the ten supernal Sephiroth; and as these find their ultimate expression in the trinity of the crown, the king, and the queen, so is there a principal triple division of the soul.

For when the lights were sent down through narrow channels in less rosenrotj, the inferior intelligences could take possession of them. This is that which is written ibid. According to certain rules, one letter is substituted for another letter preceding or following it in the alphabet, and thus from one word another word of totally different orthography may be formed. Influenced by them, and others, he studied Oriental languages, chemistry, and the cabalistic sciences.

Or 9 those who know also how to derive the influx from the highest downward. And the second earth came not into the computation. Because each style has its own formatting nuances that roseenroth over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia.


File:Christian Knorr von Rosenroth, Kabbala denudata. Wellcome L0007910.jpg

To make any of these, a square, containing squares, should be vln, and the letters written in. That is, masculine and feminine; the one, the father and the mother; the other, the foundation and the queen; meaning principally the female idea, which includeth form and receptacle.

For when the double forms are manifested namely, the letters of the name in the above proposed form, as HH and VV and are united in one path, in one combination, in order that they may be explained that is, when they are fully written out in the above mannerthen VD, Vau, Daleth and not another I, Yodare added unto I, Yod so that also in it there may be a certain hidden analogy of the equilibrium.

His forehead is the benevolence of those benevolences which are manifested through the prayers of the inferior powers. Again, a square will answer for H, N, or K final, according to whether it has one, two, or three points respectively placed within it. For by the spirit is made the connection of the balanced equilibria that is, of the combinations as well of the father and mother as of the Microprosopus and his bride.

Most widely held works by Christian Knorr von Rosenroth. There are no separate numeral characters in Hebrew and Chaldean; therefore, as is also the case in Greek, each letter has its own peculiar numerical value, and from this circumstance results knprr important fact that every word is a number, and every number is a word.

From this first Sephira the other nine emanations are produced. Whence, on account of the communication of so copious a rosenrorh, it hath also itself been clothed as with a garment with the great reverence of silence.

File:Christian Knorr von Rosenroth, Kabbala denudata. Wellcome Ljpg – Wikimedia Commons

That is, the highest crown is found in Macroprosopus. For though 0 be incapable of definition, 1 is definable. If the reader refers to the Introduction, he will there find in the Table showing the operation of the Sephiroth in the four worlds. Therefore it is written, Lev.

Knorr von Rosenroth, Christian Freiherr 1636-1689

The volume closes with a separate work — Adumbratio Kabbalae Christianae — a summary of Christian Rosenrlth although it was published anonymously, the author was Van Helmont. He is the Absolute. It treats of the cosmogony as symbolized by the ten numbers and the twenty-two.


An English translation of the Kabbala Denudata was made by S. But Chiah is in the soul the archetypal form analogous to Macroprosopus.

It is written Isa. The twenty-two letters are figured forth in their colour; not only when the law is given forth in black fire upon white fire, but also in ordinary writings, because this beard is black.

This is the second conformation namely, the beard on the upper lip. When therefore both were at once joined together namely by base concupiscence, together with connexion, and the animal soul generations took place, like as from some animal knirr generateth many lives in one connexion. And this is their proper order. In that passage, Deut. Thus by the union of justice and mercy we obtain beauty or clemency, and the second trinity of the Sephiroth is complete.

Now, there are four secret names referred to the four worlds of Atziloth, Briah, Yetzirah, and Asiah; and again, the Tetragrammaton is said to go forth written in a certain manner in each of these four worlds. She is the supernal Mother, co-equal with Chokmah, and the great feminine form of God, the Elohim, in whose image man and woman are created, according to the teaching of the Qabalah, equal before God. But we read it so that also these letters do not represent a perfect name.

German English 78 Latin 44 French 3.

How then can we limit the Illimitable? Since there are the superior perfect waters, and those which are in Microprosopus imperfect waters or those mingled with severities; because in another vn it is said perfect compassion, imperfect compassion. The distinction between these two is another fundamental idea. There are swellings in his scales that is, like as in a crocodile; because great in him is the heaping together of judgments. From this ninth Sephira came the tenth and last, thus completing the decade of the numbers.