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The D is shipped with a 20Gb internal hard drive as standard and a CD-RW drive is available as an option — not only can you use a Korg own-brand. 10 user reviews on Korg D MGR/TG’s review”Korg D” I bought the D in London for around £ in for recording with two guitarist. Sonic State Studio:sound cards, software, digital desks the lot is listed here with specs,links and user reviews.

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The equalisers in both input and playback channels are identical and offer a high band fixed at 10kHz, a low band fixed at Hz, and a mid-band which is variable between Hz and 20kHz, with fixed bandwidth.

All user reviews for the Korg D-1600

Release notes Version 2. And of course, you can always do standard fading while mixing down. I do not like: Headings have been included for convenience only and shall not be used in construing any provision in this Agreement.

These are fine for getting basic guitar or bass tracks recorded with d16600 minimum of fuss, and the cleaner sounds are very usable. Most people using the D are likely to have access to other, more sophisticated drum sound sources or maybe even a real drummer!

The latter essentially copies the data to an alternative drive, from where it can be directly played back by the D I had been using a 4track Tascam tape and what more tracks and no bouncing down.

Moreover, switching to input-channel use from playback-channel use clears all the effects settings made for playback, so that these are not restored when you return to using these effects on the playback channels. You agrees that the express obligations and warranties made by Korg in this Agreement are so far as is permitted by law in lieu of and to the exclusion of any other warranty, condition, term, undertaking or representation of any kind, express or implied, statutory or otherwise, relating to anything supplied or services provided under or in connection with this Agreement including without limitation any warranty as to the condition, quality, performance, merchantability or fitness for purpose of the Licensed Program and the Services or any part of them.


Even when using some of the quite complex editing functions Editing functions, I find I don’t need to refer to the manual.

Almost all the D’s connections are located on the back panel. Not without laughter, c ‘ is good, it serves well for an accompaniment, not to compose something. To get the inspirational juices flowing, you can then choose from a selection of the rhythm or 96 metronome patterns to which you can play or sing along.

Audio editing with the D is a simple affair. Im fairly new to the art of recording. Our members also liked: If Third Party Software has been supplied whether in conjunction with any Korg instrument or equipment, or as a stand-alone product a notice to that effect will be contained with or on the disk supplied and in such circumstances Korg shall be deemed to be acting as the agent only of the supplier of such Third Party Software.

Korg D1600 Digital Recording Studio

The D is an excellent all-in-one digital studio which improves on the D16’s already impressive specs at a very competitive price. Korg reserves the right to amend any such policies from time to time in its absolute discretion.

If you were one of the many musicians who read Derek Johnson and Debbie Poyser’s round-up in SOS March with a mind to making a purchasing decision, then hold back on signing that credit card slip for one moment more, because there’s a new unit now in the running: The eight virtual tracks per playback track allow considerable flexibility.

So, if kory wished to compress a microphone signal in the analogue domain, for example, you’d have to use an external microphone preamplifier to feed a compressor connected to the relevant D input.

The dimensions are very honest, without falling into the gadget to 4kg. Obviously, this is important, but And then, looking good, we find at a good price, new it’s solid. While this is easily resolved by using a Scene to store and recall such settings, this useful workaround is not discussed in the D’s documentation.


There is a good selection of effects types on offer, including 15 different reverbs plates, rooms, kprg and a few other spaces and a smaller number of delay and modulation patches. Section mastering is a bit daubesque still I come back later! As a matter of fact you will never get the sound quality of a Studio but it will meet higher standarts than you think you will get.

What is the point of asking a user to describe the stuff? All the effects are based around REMS Resonant structure and Electronic circuit Modelling System technology, which is Korg’s d1600 on the digital modelling of reverbs, delays, and so forth, as well as instrument bodies, guitar amps, speakers and microphones.

It helps out well for models without any programming! Other channel facilities include phase reverse, access to the internal Insert Effects, sends to the two onboard Master Effects and the send to the single physical aux output.

Korg D Digital Recording Studio | eBay

All the other playback channel facilities, such as sends and EQ, are accessed via the various control buttons on the right-hand side of the LCD. So I decided to purchase a gear that can help me on this issue. This system is also used for many other parameters on the D and, though not as nice as real s1600 controls, is certainly one of the easiest ‘virtual’ mixing systems I’ve used.

Get one and you’ ll be pleased you bought it everytime you turn it on.