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The FIP Manual is issued under the authority of the FIP policy and applies to meeting the Canadian definition of recycled fine paper as found in Environment Canada’s National Guideline number ECP 08 89, une alarme. Alarme Ecp Automotivo Manual Alarme Residencial · Antenas e Acessorios · Automotivo · Baterias e Carregadores · Cancelas Rossi · Cerca. All references in this manual for number of zones . module, and the ECP Communications Device. 6. .. “manual bypasses” and will not be unbypassed upon.

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These are names that identify an organizational unit, program or service and appear in conjunction with the signature of the parent organization. The contrasting values create emphasis where appropriate and help the reader to make distinctions. The asymmetrical layout is used for the signature.

In some cases, it may be more effective to centre the wordmark below the signature instead of aligning it on the left Fig. Contact the Federal Identity Program. Key to developing graphic standards is the design brief that defines the project.

Basic instructions for installing decals maanual provided with each set. Before the design or procurement of markings can proceed, specific requirements should be determined. Signage is a concrete example of how service to the public can be enhanced through communications systems and design standards.

Because mahual compound signature is generally intended to highlight a program, the emphasis should be on that title. The following rule applies to addresses in FIP applications.

Careful consideration should be given to the use or purpose of an address: To avoid misinterpretation, supplementary illumination e. Typesetting of the signature and any accompanying text shall be in upper and lowercase, solid, normal spacing between letters, with selective kerning applied to awkward combinations of letters.

Federal Identity Program Manual –

The reverse of the card bears the optional information Fig. The flag symbol is used to identify all departments, agencies, corporations, commissions, boards, councils, and other federal bodies and activities, unless they are authorized to be identified by the Zlarme of Arms. The requirement for applied titles stems from the development of FIP policy in the manuao when existing legal titles were often long and sometimes convoluted.


They can be used in most popular publishing software applications e. A special weather-resistant product has been approved for exterior primary identification signs where it is used for the red flag in the wordmark. Table 2 shows the viewing distance and corresponding character size, which is intended for general guidance.

Differences exist, however, with respect to ratios between character size and viewing distance. The rcp department is responsible for specifying and negotiating signage requirements for real property that is leased from the private sector.

Such a title is used in conjunction with the signature and should be as concise as possible Fig. The principle is ec; create distinction between titles while maintaining the overall unity of the signature. Some institutions may presently hold stocks of markings that do not conform to the revised design standards set out here.

When determining the character size for a sign intended for vehicular traffic, the normal manaul of traffic passing the sign becomes an additional factor.

Principles of good typographic practice should be applied when determining the layout, i. The Federal ldentity Program was among the case studies from different countries that demonstrated national, civic and cultural visual identities. Some individuals need calling cards only occasionally. The message, and the terminology used, should be meaningful to the local population. Signage is a shared responsibility that involves both the custodian department and the organization that occupies federal real property.

An overview is provided below; for details, see the pertinent sections of this manual. To identify vehicles on short-term leases, institutions will find it practical to employ temporary instead of the more permanent, standard markings. The need to use these titles in applications where messages must be concise e. The internationally recognized symbols of time, h for hour, min for minute and s for second should be used when expressing a measured time duration Fig.

Certain rules shall be observed when developing an appropriate version in each official language of a message containing such a name. The remainder of the address should appear in the official language of the majority of the population in that province or territory.



For most items, a choice of type sizes is provided to accommodate signatures or texts of varying length. While navigating through this site you may wish epc print excerpts or entire volumes. For instance, a word indicating the type of thoroughfare Street, Avenue, Boulevard may not be deleted from an address.

As politicians, therefore, we reject the simplistic view that aalrme concern for visibility is no more than public relations for its own sake.

This means that all information about the message, site and viewing conditions should be available before a sign layout and specifications can be prepared.

Except for those stock items available through catalogue orders, signs have to be designed and fabricated to meet specific requirements. The colon is ec as separator between hour and minute and between minute and second, as illustrated Fig.

Federal Identity Program Manual

Titles of programs and services Referred to as ”service titles”, these are names that identify an organizational unit, program or service and that appear in conjunction with the title of the parent organization. The measurements are in points. The choice between black or white is based on the best contrast that can be obtained.

Table 2 shows the type size with the corresponding height of the symbol. In all instances where the Coat of Arms is displayed, institutions must ensure the correct version is used. To meet special requirements, some institutions may need to adopt a short version of their applied title. The fields of application for these messages include stationery, calling cards, forms, public notices, advertising and signage.

The process of making an enquiry can be complex and frustrating because many people don’t know which department or agency or which level of government is responsible for the program or service they are seeking.

The typical differences relevant to FIP applications are described briefly below. Described here is the layout of the most commonly used signature, one consisting of the flag symbol and two lines of type.